Indoor Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
benefitting TBK/WRJ Sisterhood

ober 8, 2017   9am - 5pm

This show is open to the public and is free of charge.
2131 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618
(between S. Winton Rd. & S. Clinton Ave.)

       Some of our artists ...

Rona Wyner - Wyner Images Animals, Birds, Flowers
​                                Sunsets & Funky Digitally Painted Animals

​Janice Charlano-Baylis - J. Flora Designs
Jan Kamish - jkrobogal
Gail Leess - Havana Handbags
Rona Wyner - Accessoriz - 

Nita Brown - Mansawear  custom made designer clothing
Gail Leess - Havana Handbags
Theresa Noonan
Amy VanPatten-Begy - Crazy Daisy Designs - Kids Clothing
​Lynda Wildman - Homemade Treasures
Rona Wyner- Accessoriz ​ scarves

Bob Clar - Clar's Wood Creations

​​Amy vanPatten-Begy - Crazy Daisy Designs (Children's Clothing)




  Wearable Art



Especially for Children


Mixed Media
& Other

The art of life
Use it - Enjoy it - Wear it - Look at it