Indoor Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
benefitting TBK/WRJ Sisterhood

ober 8, 2017   9am - 5pm

This show is open to the public and is free of charge.
2131 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618
(between S. Winton Rd. & S. Clinton Ave.)

      Gallery of our Artists 2017...

Leon & Elijah Applebaum
Nita Brown -  Clothing Designer
Kaaren Anderson - Solveig Studios - Ceramic Plates
Carla Staples - Jewelry
Bob Clar -   Woodwork
Rona Wyner - Jewelry
Christine Coffey - Textiles
Phil Rose 
Melissa Matson - Silk Jackets & Scarves etc.
Alice Gold- Painting 
Donna Kurten - Jewelry & Jewelry Trees
Deb Poplasky - Puppets
Rona Wyner & Eleanor Lewin  - Purses, Wallets, Scarves
John & Mary Baun - Wood
Barbara Wedig
James Yost
Linda Davis
Leanne Marquis - Jewelry
Kaaren Anderson - Illustrations
Harry Beaver - Wooturnings by HNB
Patricia Peer  
Pam Perkins - Small Town Girl  
Barbara Horvath
Anna Overmoyer
Jan Kamish - Jewelry
Kathy Cretelle
Yolanda Diaz - Sculpture Made with Recycled Plastic
Pam Beaney - Jewelry
Jeff Lindgren
Victoria Connors
Julie Johnson